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AMT is a leading contract manufacturer that provides one-stop solutions to our customers worldwide. We specialize in Metal, Ceramic and Plastic Injection Molding as well as medical device assembly, AMT has demonstrated our ability and capability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

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MPIF Grand Prize

This is part of the specimen inlet module of a gas chromatography analytical equipment. With its' two dedicated complex internal channels, the device is able to manage gas flowing in and out of the five ports without leakages. 

MPIF Grand Prize

Made of austenitic stainless steel, this part employs a patented technology to form the highly complex internal undercut channel, a feature which is deemed "impossible" to achieve through conventional machining.

MPIF Award of Distinction

Components used in industrial printer module that demand high impact force during printing. The use of SS440C material for the Tab Support that has a yield strength of 234,000 psi (1,613 MPa) enable us to meet the reliability requirement and with significant cost saving.

MPIF Grand Prize

Incorporating multiple side core inserts in the tooling enable these complex locking components to be manufactured by the MIM technology.

MPIF Grand Prize

The complex geometries of the flip slider and hinge barrel capitalized on the advantages of PIM technology and elevated mobile design to a new level.

MPIF Grand Prize

This is a set of copper connectors for an electric plug manufactured by CuMIM process. This award is an endorsement of the technology application, the design quality, and the components production.

MPIF Award of Distinction

This 105mm by 105mm by 1.5mm fiber optic connector is made of Kovar. It defied conventional PIM aspect ratio and size to meet specific dimension and hermetic requirement.

MPIF Award of Distinction

This component has intricate geometries, a hollowed structure, and an overall wall thickness of less than 1mm (0.04in).

MPIF Grand Prize

Four individual pieces were integrated into a one-piece PIM component, which resulted in higher performance at a lower cost.

MPIF Award of Distinction

This part illustrates AMT’s MIM capability through shape complexity and miniaturization (less then 2.0 grams).

MPIF Grand Prize

Using the MIM technology, these complex geometry parts were manufactured without any post-machining.

The complex geometry of this set of rotary hinges capitalized on the advantages of PIM technology.

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