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AMT 3D is an industry-leading manufacturer with the capability to meet your current and future production demands. By offering high-quality features backed by appropriate certifications.

Our advanced 3D printing technology and machinery guarantee accuracy and efficiency. Our stellar reputation and positive reviews showcase our commitment to customer satisfaction.

What is conformal cooling?

Conformal cooling is the process of using coolant channels in plastic injection mold tools which closely follow, or conform, to the shape of the part being molded. They differ from standard cooling channels in that they are not confined to the line-of-sight, straight holes that are created from conventional drilling or milling. Conformal cooling channels follow the twists and turns of complex part designs, and so offer much better cooling efficiency and faster cycle times.

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Increased design innovation

Create new ideas and shapes with quick turnaround for a physical part to gauge, test, look and feel.

Shorter time to market
Make idea-to-prototype cycles much quicker. Necessary adjustments made more rapidly. Design iteration can be tested easily.
Reduced development cost
Use less materials. No requirement for tooling. Multiple design concepts can be manufactured at the same time.

Obsolete parts without drawing can now be scanned and reproduced easily.

Allows smaller batch production

Low volume production (less than 1,000pcs per year) can be manufactured.

If you would like to find out more details regarding 3D Metal Printing (Additive Manufacturing), please check out our white papers and guides here.

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