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Copper Injection Molding

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Copper Injection Molding – CuMIM®

Copper Injection Molding (CuMIM) is an advanced technology predominantly used for manufacturing high-complexity heatsinks at a reduced cost. Leveraging copper’s exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, this method enables the production of intricate shapes, particularly useful in the electronics and automotive industries.

Applications for Tungsten-Copper Injection Molding

Tungsten-Copper Injection Molding finds its applications in various industries due to the distinctive properties of its constituent elements. In comparison, pure copper is renowned for its exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, it has higher Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) which pose challenges in compact systems where minimizing thermal expansion is essential.

An alloy of tungsten and copper is often employed to overcome this challenge. Tungsten, known for its favorable coefficient of thermal expansion, effectively mitigates the expansion caused by heat in copper. By adjusting the ratio of tungsten to copper in the alloy, we can tailor the degree of expansion to meet specific needs. A higher proportion of tungsten results in less expansion, whereas a greater amount of copper leads to more expansion.

AMT has registered CuMIM® for the application of pure copper using the MIM technology. Utilizing the MIM technology capability allows engineers to design unconventional copper heat sink for electronics, automotive and optoelectronics applications.
With pure copper material, these CuMIM® components have thermal conductivity of 320 W/mK. These copper parts can be designed with complex geometry so that the electronic component can be mounted on the copper part, and at the same time, be used for heat dissipation. Till date, AMT had delivered more than 5 million copper parts globally for use in this application in the industry.

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Benefits of Copper Injection Molding

In electronics, CuMIM® heat sinks are crucial for maintaining device performance by effectively dissipating heat. Similarly, copper’s superior heat dissipation properties in the automotive sector contribute to efficient system operation.

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Copper Injection Molding

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