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Research & Development (R&D)


Research & Development (R&D)

AMT’s Research and Development stands out as a key advantage in our service offerings, providing us with a competitive edge. Our in-house R&D team comprises industry experts who excel in material development, custom formulation, and rigorous testing. This allows us to create bespoke solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. By controlling these critical processes internally, we ensure the highest level of quality and precision, resulting in products that consistently meet or exceed expectations. Moreover, our R&D division’s ability to innovate and rapidly adapt to new challenges enhances our capability to deliver cutting-edge solutions, further solidifying AMT’s position as a leader in the MIM industry.

our Success in Research & development 

AMT’s success in Research and Development stems from our strategic investments in key areas that set us apart from other Metal Injection Molding (MIM) companies.

Our crowning achievement lies in material development. Our in-house team of experts enables us to customize materials through feedstock formulation to fit specific client needs, broadening our service offerings and enhancing our flexibility.

Additionally, we conduct Material Characterization Analysis for new materials, ensuring that we fully understand their properties and potential applications. This comprehensive approach to R&D underscores AMT’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Research & Development (R&D) Capabilities

Accordion Content

To ascertain the distribution of powder particle sizes.

To assess the viscosity of the feedstock.

To conduct an analysis of porosity for assessing grain expansion and density.

To conduct an analysis of the microstructure.

Accordion Content






To ascertain the best mold design and injection parameters.






To assess the chemical composition of the powder and its components.

To imprint alphabets, numbers, or logos onto parts or assemblies.






To examine the shape, positioning, and measurements of the components or assemblies.

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Copper Injection Molding

Research & Development

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