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Guides & White Papers

AMT’s Knowledge Center offers a variety of guides and white papers on AMT. These resources cover topics from the basics to specific technologies like MIM. Professionals and newcomers alike can easily download these insightful materials to enhance their understanding of AMT. This embodies AMT’s commitment to promoting innovation in the industry.

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AMT MIM Brochure

AMT MIM is a division of an award-winning contract manufacturing company with the core business in Metal Injection Molding. With material and engineering expertise, we serve customers worldwide from product development to mass production.

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AMT Medical Brochure

AMT Medical, a division of the award-winning contract manufacturing company, provides end-to-end medical device development and manufacturing services for companies worldwide.

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AMT 3D Brochure

AMT 3D was engineered to fuse an award-winning history in metal processing with a state-of-the-art design team to help companies drive innovations within their manufacturing efforts by providing 3D metal printing and processing solutions for your prototyping and small volume production requirements.

MIM Design Handbook

Every Manufacturing technology operates within an optimum set of process parameters. It is important to identify the area where the process and product design windows intersect.

AMT Materials Portfolio

An extensive handbook of materials according to the industry’s standards.

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Introduction to MIM

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) utilizes a plastic injection molding machine to form precision engineered geometries. The is accomplished using metal and/or ceramic powder in connection with a thermoplastic binder system.

MIM Metal Malleability

Injection molding is a productive and widely used technique for shaping plastic.

Impact of 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

3D printers now being able to work with materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminium etc have positioned the technology as a possible transformative game changer.

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